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Sound Studios Olympia is looking for new and motivated private music teachers to work and help us grow. We are open to teachers of all genres and instruments, although our primary focus is on instruments found in the Symphony Orchestra, the guitar family, and piano or keyboard instruments. 

Teachers are the most essential part of our mission which is to offer the best in music education for students through an environment of creativity and collaboration, with an emphasis on performing.

Reach out today for more information. Thank You.

*EMAIL* with an introduction including what you teach, or send a resume to the same email address.

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Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass

We are seeking to fill 2 spots for all of the orchestral strings, except bass which we need only 1. Additional instructors may be put on as substitutes.

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We will be filling 1 spot for each of the following woodwinds: Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon. Substitutes will also be welcome for all woodwinds; those listed above as well as Oboe and Saxophone. 

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We are looking for up to 2 more piano teachers to join us. Piano teachers who already have some students are preferred. 

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Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass/Bass Guitar

SSO needs 2 more guitar teachers, with at least one who also teaches bass guitar. 

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We are seeking talented teachers of all orchestral brass instruments. Jazz and classical are welcome. 

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Emphasis on Performance

At Sound Studios Olympia we emphasize giving students of all ages and abilities opportunities to share their music with friends, family, and our community. This means that teachers are asked to work with students with that in mind. Not that every student would participate in every performance, but rather, a teacher would work with students and place a few into every performance opportunity. It could be the same student or few students, or it can change depending on who was prepared, that all would be up to you. Teachers are also encouraged to create performance events for their own students as well as collaborate with other teachers at SSO. For example, young piano students do not get as much opportunity to work with other instrumentalists of the same age range or abilities, so why not have a young clarinet student play Mary Had a Little Lamb with a young piano student? Include a few basic chords and now the young pianist is an accompanist and the clarinetist a soloist. We want to be creative and inventive and the more minds we have brainstorming new ways to share our music, the better we will be.


Please send an email to as soon as you can and let us know you're interested.