Sound Studios Olympia is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. 

Founding Donors


Janine Meloy

Tom Dyer

Thomas Grommesch

Breanna Grommesch

Trip Grommesch

David Lousteau

Cherie Felts

Prabakar Mano

Rebecca Liebman

Cheryl A. Peach

Amy Peach

Linda Meister

Thank You!

Founding Donors are those people who took an early interest in supporting us and our mission. Their support is incredibly important and without it we would not be able to have gotten as far as we have. You can become a Founding Donor today by donating at least $400. All Founding Donors will have their name written on a plaque which will be hung on the wall in the school for the life of the school.

Become a Founding Donor today:

Supporting Donors


Tanya Velasquez

Jennifer Chapline

Ryan Sowers

Christina Russ

Amiel Martin

Linda Bates

Melissa Dunworth

Lisa Ornstein

JD and Joanna Miller

Sharmilla Chalasani

Rex Richardson

Thank You!

Supporting Donors have donated in a way to help us out, many taking advantage of our IndieGoGo campaign. Every donation is appreciated and will help us get our doors open!

Become a Supporting Donor:


Sound Studios Olympia now has a place on PayPal's "Giving Fund" where donations can be made through PayPal's program. This does slow down our receipt of the donation, but it is still 100%. We wanted to share it, but if you are interested in donating, please do so directly through the website at this time, as it will take 30-45 days to reach us.

In other news, we have located and secured some pianos which people are willing to donate to us. We would like to acquire 10 uprights and 1 baby grand. We are only interested in donations at this time and the piano must be in decent shape, without needing a lot of work. We will arrange pickup/delivery as well as tuning ourselves. If you, or someone you know, would be interested, write to us at Donations may be used as a tax deduction for the fair market value of the piano. We will have an appraiser assess the value.

Other instruments are welcome as well! Donations of orchestral instruments are wonderful as we would then be able to give them to students who could not otherwise afford them. Like the pianos, the instruments just need to be in working condition and not requiring an overhaul. If you are unsure, reach out to us and we will be happy to discuss it.

The last program we are working to develop is a loan program for instruments. If you have any instrument and it is just sitting there, but you do not wish to just give it away even for the deduction, we can also take it as a loan from you. Orchestral loan instruments will be loaned to students for use in school band and orchestra, which does carry some risk, so we would only want instruments that were in the lower price bracket. These instruments would be on loan to the school for as long as you want but could be taken back at any time by you should that no longer be your desire. In my mind, I imagined an older clarinet that belonged to a relative, sitting in the closet unused. No one plays it in the house, but it still has some sentimental value, so you might prefer to let a student learn on it, then have it returned to you at some point so it can be given to your child, or other relative. SSO will maintain any instrument loaned to us, but we won't overhaul it. It must be in decent working order before it is loaned. Other instruments, such as pianos, would be kept in the school, except in the case of a grand piano. If we were loaned a large grand piano that could be used for major performances we would have it noted in the programs and on the stage, such as "___brand_____ Grand Piano on loan from _______." This is more unique in that it would be loaned for a day or so, and then returned to you, as we do not currently have anywhere we would store such an instrument. SSO would cover transport and tuning each time, coming and going. That is, we wouldn't drop it off at your house after you loaned it to us and then drive away without first tuning it again.