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Sound Studios Olympia is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

TIN: 83-2858437 

Become a Benefactor

Throughout history the arts have always relied on the generosity of a community as well as benefactors. Composers, artists, musicians, and similar people we look up to over the generations were able to do what they did especially because someone was able to support them financially. You can carry on this tradition by becoming a Benefactor of Sound Studios Olympia today. Any amount helps. Please become a sustaining benefactor by committing to monthly donations. 

Thank You!

Sound Studios Olympia is a nonprofit organization and because of this, we rely on the generous donations from our community, local and beyond. Your donations paved the way for our launch and now they will help keep us going. COVID-19 has, unfortunately, cause microbusinesses like private music instruction to stumble and close. We need to be here after COVID ends to provide a place for teachers to regain their footing. With a small donation from a lot of people, we will be here for them to land. Thank You.

Your donations here will help us:

-Cover costs associated with moving in and maintaining our building

-Keep pianos in working condition and tuned

-Pay for necessities like high speed internet, which is a must during COVID as many teachers will need to be able to have virtual lessons at the same time

-Pay a supporting staff

-Continue to acquire necessary equipment to run our studios like desks, toner cartridges, and paper

When we are able to confidently cover most of these costs through continued support from our community we will be able to turn to the other aspects of our vision, like raising money to help pay for lessons for students who might not otherwise be able to afford them. This fund will be created and people will be able to donate specifically to it, which will earmark that contribution. Once a threshold is met we will begin taking applications from our community and get them paired with the best teacher for them. 

Please consider becoming a sustaining donor in September as this level of contribution is going to be our most consistent and reliable. You will be helping us establish what will be a long tradition in Olympia, giving everyone the chance to share their music. 

Do you sell on eBay? Connect with SSO and get the benefit of showing your potential customers that you support the arts!

Donate online here, or write a check to SOUND STUDIOS OLYMPIA and mail to:

1211 4th Ave. E. Ste. 100
Olympia, WA 98506

Thank You all for your support!

Founding Donors


Janine Meloy

Tom Dyer

Thomas Grommesch

Breanna Grommesch

Trip Grommesch

David Lousteau

Cherie Felts

Prabakar Mano

Rebecca Liebman

Cheryl A. Peach

Amy Peach

Linda Meister

Maté Hollos

Connie Baker

Suzanne Gunn

Mark and Jeanne Ford

Thank You!

Founding Donors are those people who took an early interest in supporting us and our mission. Their support is incredibly important and without it we would not be able to have gotten as far as we have.



Stacey Middleton

Vince Claudio

Ryder Olson

Ron Gajadhar

Virginia Beekman

Sharon Wallace

Richard Chandos

Ryan Hall

Brooke Beecher

Thank You!

As we pursue our mission of offering the best environment for music instruction the donation of quality pianos is so important. We will always be interested in instruments of all sorts!

These donation programs are for members of the community wishing to contribute to our mission. Lists are created in order of donation, and not necessarily representative of amount donated at this time.  Please contact right away if there are any errors in this list and we will address that immediately.

A special thank you to Maté Hollos with Splango ( who helped us secure a building and has been with us throughout this journey. 

Supporting Donors


Tanya Velasquez

Jennifer Chapline

Ryan Sowers

Christina Russ

Amiel Martin

Linda Bates

Melissa Dunworth

Lisa Ornstein

JD and Joanna Miller

Sharmilla Chalasani

Rex Richardson

Luke Novak

Brian Meloy

Ramona Allen

Paola Vonoelffen

Dante Carouso

Allison Wicks

Christine Torres Long

Chris James

Jane Hutt

Brande Roderick

Lisa Kuhlman

Olympia Jazz Singers

Adrienne Cherry

Cindy Meloy

Stromans Grocery

Erin Morrigan, in memory of Ben Alix

Josephine Yung

Shannon Meloy

David and MaryJo Wilcox

Thank You!

Supporting Donors have donated in a way to help us out, many taking advantage of our IndieGoGo campaign. Every donation is appreciated and will help us get our doors open!

Become a Supporting Donor:



Sherry Garmon-Hough

JD Miller

Thank You!

Furniture donated to SSO helps cut down the cost for our operation, and is extremely helpful.