The Studios are group classes for kids. Signing up is easy, just use the form below to let us know you are interested and we will reach out with more information. These studios will be recurring courses beginning around September 15th. The actual days and times are to be determined based on participant interest. You can use these courses for a less expensive way to get started or continue your musical journey!

There is a $12 registration fee for each course added at the time of signing up. 

Piano Studio I

This is a group class for very beginner students around age 6. These are weekly 60-min. group lessons for between 4-10 students. This course lasts 6 weeks.  $60

Clarinet/Sax Studio I

This is a 6 week group class for 4-10 instrumentalists who play a single reed woodwind like the clarinet. No experience required. Up to age 12. $60

Oboe Studio II

This is a 6 week course for  oboists with at least one year of experience. Ages 12-15. Available for classes from 2 to 10 students. $75

Composition Studio I

This is open to young composers up to age 12 with little or no experience or formal study. 8 weeks, 4-10 students. $80

Piano Studio II

This 6 week course is for students who have at least 1 year of piano playing. This group is 4-10 students up to age 12. Each class is a 6-min. group class. $60

Clarinet/Sax Studio II

8 weekly group lessons for single reed woodwind players who have at least 2 years experience. Ages 12 to 15. $80

Theory Studio I

This is a 6 week course for understanding the fundamentals of music theory. No experience required. Up to age 12. Available for classes from 4 to 10 students. $60

Composition Studio II

For more experienced composition students. This course is 8 weekly classes each 60-min. long. $80

Piano Studio III

This is an 8 week course of weekly scheduled full hour group lessons for 4-10 students with at least 2 years of playing the piano, up to 15 years old. $80

Oboe Studio I

This is a 6 week course for beginner oboists. No experience required. Up to age 12. Available for classes from 2 to 10 students. $75

Theory Studio II

A more in depth 8 week course for music theory, covering the intermediate level. Up to age 15. Classes open for 4-10 students. $80

Composition Studio III

A 10 week course for young composers with at least 3 years experience or formal study with a demonstrable understanding of theory. $100


Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more. Just fill out the inquiry form below and tell us which course you are interested in. Some will require an intake test to assess the level. Please just inquire about whichever course or level you had interest in regardless. Courses require a minimum number of students in order to form. No one will be billed until that minimum is reached. 

Each course concludes with a micro recital from the students, excluding the theory courses. The composition course will culminate in each student writing their own piece which will be performed by a musician from SSO.

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