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Sound Studios Olympia is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

TIN: 83-2858437 


Thank you for taking the time to consider sponsoring us as we pursue our mission of creating the best place for music education with an emphasis on performance. 

Simply put, we need sponsorships from our community in order to thrive. SSO has the chance to make a great impact on the community. We are locally owned and operated and we like it that way. Our board of directors is made up of business people from different local companies small and large. We see Olympia as a musical city, vibrant, and opening up as it grows and expands. We want to be a part of this and through the support we get from donors and sponsors, we know we will be. 

A little about our mission.

Sound Studios Olympia differs from other music studios because we want to attract the best teachers through something other places don't have. In keeping with our philosophy that music is learned in order to be shared, we plan around 18 concert events per year. These events differ in size and scope, but will work by inviting our teachers to submit several of their students to perform in them. Some examples are the Baroque Society concerts which will feature music written in the late 17th century. Small ensembles of students will perform these works in an intimate setting at the Red Lion RL Hotel ballroom, subdivided of course into a smaller hall. Another such concert event we have planned is the Major Recital which will feature multiple recitals over at least one whole day, in which every student in the school will perform! Also to be held at the RL hotel ballroom, but this time we could rent two subdivisions of the ballroom and have multiple recitals at the same time. So you see, we will create opportunities for students to perform their music often through our own concert events. We will also cover the rental of the hall for our teachers to hold their own recitals. Besides performances we also offer classes for the community on topics that they may find interesting. We view it as an exploration for them, to be able to sit down and hear about a topic in music and to take from it what they want without the pressure associated with classes. A final exam at the end will really only be to help the student see what they retained and for the instructor to hone their class for the next time. These classes on topics such as theory, history, and music as it is expressed in cultures outside of our western art music traditions, will be very popular.

Thank You!
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Sponsorship Information:

  • Annual Sponsor: $2,500+/yr. This sponsorship level is the highest level. To recognize this level SSO will put the business name and logo on everything we do throughout the year as well as list the business on our home page in a prominent location with a link back to their website. Large physical signs will also be printed with the company logo which will be used at events, recitals, and concerts. SSO will also send a thank you card to the business. Multiple sponsors at this level will be given priority based on their total contribution.

  • Annual co-Sponsor: $1,000-$2,499/yr. This sponsorship level is recognized with a linked logo in a prominent location on our website’s homepage.

  • Event Sponsor: $300-$500 per event. This sponsorship level is recognized with prominent location on advertising and publicity for the event as well as a physical sign with the logo of the business on it, saying “Sponsored By:”

  • Event co-Sponsor: $100-$299 per event. This sponsorship level is recognized with a smaller placement of the logo on advertising and publicity for the event.

  • Networking Sponsor: Free. This sponsorship is accomplished by agreeing to post SSO on the business website as a local nonprofit supported by the business and in recognition of that, SSO will list your business under our Networking Sponsors.

  • Benefactor for the Director: $250+/yr. This sponsorship directly benefits the director of SSO and are funds earmarked to support their income. The board of directors will set up the annual salary for the director and will use these funds to fund it. Funds which exceed the annual salary will be saved for the following year or used for general operating costs after a vote by the board. This sponsorship level is recognized on the website.

  • Monthly Supporting Benefactor: Any Amount. This sponsorship level is any contribution amount which is guaranteed for 12 months from its start.