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Shawn R. Meloy | Instructor

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Shawn Meloy is an oboist, pianist, and composer, having studied under Dr. Youtz at Pacific Lutheran University, and Sam Jones who was composer in residence for the Seattle Symphony, has played with many groups, including the Olympia Symphony Orchestra, during his time in Olympia. He came to this area around 2005 and began working as a conductor for the Capitol Area Youth Symphony Association. In 2007 he began a private lesson studio at Yenney Music which lasted until 2020, when unfortunately the music store was forced to close due to the pandemic and the response. Shawn plays proficiently on several woodwinds, however the oboe is his primary instrument. He studied under Shannon Spicciatti in high school, and then Bernard Shapiro, the principal emeritus of the Seattle Symphony, while attending PLU, and has himself had several oboe students do very well at competitions as well as secure scholarships to conservatory. At the end of 2018 he began work on opening Sound Studios Olympia. Lessons are available on: Oboe, clarinet, saxophone, piano, and music composition. 

The Meadow at Eventide - RebikoffShawn R. Meloy, oboe
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