Sound Studios Olympia, General Studio Policy 2022

By enrolling with SSO you have agreed to the following policies. This agreement is with adult (18+) students and the parent/guardians of minor (17-) students, and Sound Studios Olympia. Policies are subject to change and updates at any time, and everyone will receive at least 1 month notice of changes before they are implemented or enforced.

For the purposes of this policy, “tuition” refers to the amount charged to reserve a timeslot with an instructor, and not for the lessons themselves.


Part I

Tuition: Invoices for lessons will be sent out on or around the 15th of every month and the payment for that bill will be due no later than the 27th of the same month, in prepayment for lessons coming up the following month. SSO bills for lessons offered, not only those which are scheduled. This means that canceling lessons, even far in advance, does not constitute a deletion of the charges for that lesson. Instead, SSO offers make up lessons to be scheduled with the instructor.

Late fee: There is an automatic $20 late fee assessed to all unpaid invoices. This fee cannot be waived or deleted once charged.

Multiple Months: Families can opt to pay multiple months at a time.

Admin/Registration fee: There is an annual fee of $50 to be enrolled in lessons at SSO. This fee may also be $15 per quarter (any 3 month block) or $6 per month. This fee is nonrefundable once paid.


Part II

Attendance: Students are expected to attend every lesson. It is understood that families have other things to do and worry about, and that lessons will need to be canceled on occasion. Progress with the instructor will be best accomplished with consistent attendance.

Canceling Lessons: Please give SSO at least 24 hours’ notice for any absence. Also, please cancel all lessons through the online calendar and not by emailing or calling the instructor. Instructions on doing this are included at the end. 24 hours’ notice or more will grant you a make up lesson automatically. Less than 24 hours’ notice but more than 1 will grant a make up lesson for emergencies and scheduling problems that were not foreseeable. Reasons such as vacations or non-emergencies which were foreseeable will not be granted a make-up lesson if SSO receives less than 24 hours’ notice. Less than 1 hour and a make-up lesson is not offered. Failure to show up at your lesson without any notice will not be given a make-up lesson.

Basically, please plan to attend every lesson and to reschedule those which you cannot make. We can make adjustments to the calendar far in advance and further update it if things change. The more planning time we have, the better.


Part III

Discontinuing lessons: Please give SSO 2 weeks’ notice if you plan to discontinue lessons. This will coincide approximately with when the invoices are sent out. If you let us know that you intend to discontinue by no later than the 20th of the month then we will void the invoice sent out for the following month. However, if you inform us between the 21st and the last day of the month, we will bill for 50% of the following month. If you inform us of a desire to discontinue after the 1st of the month in which you intend to discontinue we will still bill 100% of the tuition fee for that month. Finally, if you discontinue at any time and for any reason, SSO does not offer a refund of tuition or admin fees paid to SSO.

The best way to discontinue lessons is to email an intent to quit or to inform your instructor.

The purpose of this policy is to limit the effects of changes and surprises. Of course, SSO will consider unusual circumstances and emergencies on a case by case basis, but in general, SSO needs to be able to plan and budget month by month and sudden and unexpected discontinuation without payment can cause difficulty.


Part IV

Participation: SSO offers performance opportunities throughout the year and students are invited to participate in all of them. Some are more demanding than others, but there are 2 large recital events each year that everyone can participate in, regardless of level of ability. Please consider participating, since we learn  music to share it.

Recitals are free to participate in for all students at SSO. Students must be currently registered in order to participate. SSO will put suggested donations up as well, but no payment is required for participation.


Part V

Parent and Guardian participation: Parents are invited to sit in lessons for their students. We prefer parents to at least stay in the building during the lesson. Parents have the right to walk into the lesson without knocking during your student’s lesson, no exception.

Parents may contact Shawn R. Meloy directly with any concerns that may arise with any teacher using the email address

Parents are invited to join the board of directors or to form a parent volunteer organization to work with SSO. SSO is a nonprofit and is always looking ways to build stronger relationships with our community. A parent organization will help with fundraising and running the larger recital and concert events. Reach out to if you are interested.


Shawn R. Meloy, President Sound Studios Olympia