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Music Teachers Wanted!

Hello, we are so happy you stopped by to check us out. We have been operating now for one year and this first year has been incredible. We are looking for more music teachers to help us to continue to grow. You can rent a studio with us and some of what you will get are:

  • Studio space and piano

  • Sponsored Recitals and Concert Events

  • Advertising

  • Monthly Open Houses

  • Collaborative Opportunities

  • Fundraising program for students who should be taking lessons but cannot afford them

  • More!

Teachers may have studio space from 1-6 days per week.

At this time we are looking for teachers of all instruments.


Thanks for your interest in working with us!

Sound Studios Olympia will hold at least 18 concerts per year. We will need teachers, musicians, and students to perform at these. Consider joining us and bring your studio along with. 


Baroque Concert 1

Baroque Concert 2

Baroque Concert 3

Baroque Concert 4

These concerts will be made up of a baroque ensemble and will be focused on bringing some of the most beautiful music to life for our community. Imagine the sounds of Vivaldi or Handel singing through a beautiful room with a high arched ceiling. 

Contemporary 1

Contemporary 2

Contemporary 3

This series is dedicated to bringing music for chamber ensembles or soloists written within the last 100 years with emphasis on experimental works. 

Beethoven Sonata Fest

Taking place toward the end of December and is a concert built from students, musicians, and instructors each taking one movement from a Beethoven Sonata with emphasis on those movements and sonatas less often played. 

Fall Recital

Spring Recital

Twice each year we will hold a major recital for all students taking lessons with an instructor at Sound Studios Olympia. 

Christmas Concert and Festival

A large event showcasing classical music and Christmas sing-along.. 

Composers Studio 1

Composers Studio 2

Concerts comprised of music composed specifically for this event by local composers. Performed by students, instructors, and local musicians.

Chamber Music 1

Chamber Music 2

Chamber Music 3

Chamber Music 4

These concerts are among the most important and will be for students to form and participate in ensemble playing, such as string quartets, piano trios, and woodwind quintets. No instructors or professionals, except to help coach the students. 


Olympic Gala Fundraiser, Dinner, Silent Auction

Each year in May we will hold a major fundraiser event at which students and instructors will play music.