Music Lessons

Music is everywhere, in every culture, every corner of the world. We know that our ancestors learned to play to bring their community together and experience the joy of singing together. Songs told stories, develop language, help memorization. Drums inspire, speak, and give rhythms for dance. We have a deep understanding of music and its patterns innately within us. Music lessons help students bring that out to share with their friends, family, and community like the traditions past. 

When considering taking lessons, please keep in mind these things:

1. The teacher you will work with has spent decades preparing themselves for this. Through lessons and schooling, performances and competitions. 

2. The instructor does not stop thinking about you when the lesson ends. Most of the time there will be preparations made between lessons in order to make the next lesson most effective.

3. The instructor is open to ideas from parents.

4. The physical requirements for playing a musical instrument proficiently is like an athlete. Hours of practice to develop the skill and strength go into it.

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Study with one of our many piano teachers and learn proper technique and practice habits to help you improve. From casual learners to the serious musicians, we have experience and opportunities for you at SSO.

Stop learning from YouTube videos! You may be able to figure out which keys to strike at which time, but you are not going to understand your instrument. Let us help you or your child gain a fuller understanding for the piano and an appreciation for it as an instrument.

Piano Player


Violin Players

We teach violin and viola lessons, as well as double bass, and we will help you or your child grow with the string instruments. Reach out today to start talking about lessons with one of these musicians. 


Woodwinds and brass are unique and powerful instruments. Their role in orchestral music brings out the true pipe organ sound. They are playful, and somber. Overall they are important additions to the sound, and strong enough that there need only be a few of them in an orchestra for it to be full. So study the woodwinds, trumpet, beginner brass, with us. Our instructors have decades of playing experience as soloists and ensemble players as well as teaching students of all ages and will help your student succeed as he has with many others. We work with all ages and abilities, so don't hesitate, beginners are welcome as are the casual older student. Reach out today.

Clarinet in orchestra


Man Playing Guitar

We have a couple of guitar teachers who have different approaches. The guitar is a wonderful instrument which can be played as a soloist or as an accompaniment to other instruments, or voices. Let us get you started with one of our instructors right away. We also work with Ukuleles and other less common instruments. We will be happy to talk with you about what we can offer.


Voice and choir at Sound Studios Olympia. We have a voice teacher with a background spanning opera to jazz and folk. You can study in a beautiful studio where you will feel comfortable to sing your heart out, make mistakes, and grow! Our voice teacher also directs a choir which she will be happy to let people join, as long as the vocal range proportions are maintained. It cannot be overstated that understanding our own voices is the most fundamental lesson in all music, no matter what the instrument or style is. We breathe, phrase, and express through our instruments in the same way we would as singers, so whether you want to be able to sing well or not, we highly recommend a voice lesson series for all students in order to improve musicianship. 

Choir Class