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Ben Kapp

Ben Kapp teaches cello and percussion, including the drum set in various styles.

Ben Solis

Ben Solis teaches low brass like the tuba and trombone. He is also a member of a brass quintet.

Genna Cooprider

Genna teaches the flute and has experience with students of all ages.

Greg Burgess

Greg teaches guitar, including classical guitar, as well as piano and has a special interest in early music and instruments.

Pat Kilmer

Pat teaches guitar, piano, ukulele, and works with very young students, having a background in childcare.

Shawn R. Meloy

Shawn teaches oboe, clarinet, saxophone and piano as well as music composition. Shawn is also the executive director of SSO.

Tani Thurston

Tani teaches piano and guitar and works great with beginners.

Timothy Wilds

Timothy teaches voice and works with all ages and styles.

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