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Tani Thurston

Tani teaches piano and guitar and works great with beginners.

Tani Thurston

Tani Thurston has been playing the piano for over 60 years. While she enjoys all styles of music, she was trained to play classical and contemporary styles of music. She has been teaching the piano for over 40 years. She has played for churches, played cantatas, and accompanied a variety of performances. In addition to piano, Tani also plays guitar which she learned during her high school years. Tani loves teaching music to both young and old. Her passion for music can be seen in the way she teaches, with dedication, making sure her students understand not just how to play, but helping them understand how to play with passion.

Tani is known for creating a positive learning environment and tries to tailor teaching methods and techniques to individual needs and learning styles. Tani is a native Washingtonian who grew up in Auburn, Washington. She lived in Germany for two years before moving to Thurston County in 1976. She has both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from St. Martin’s University in Business Administration. She retired from the Department of Financial Institutions, State of Washington.

Tani and her husband belong to two car clubs. However, when asked what one of Tani’s great passion is, she will tell you it’s teaching music.

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