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We Want You To Play!

As a young musician I benefited greatly from programs through public school to be able to learn music and use instruments free of charge. Without the assistance I received I would not have been able to truly discover my own love and talent for music. Later in high school it became imperative that I study privately with an instructor in order to be competitive in auditions and competitions. These lessons were an extraordinary burden on my family which did not have a lot of money to spare for things. Through these lessons I was able to learn so much, win in competitions, grow as a musician, and audition to principal oboe my freshman year in college. And it is from this background that I want to invite parents to reach out about getting a discount on lessons at SSO. We believe lessons are necessary to be competitive in auditions, but also just for those who want to grow and develop at their own pace. You can use this form, or email us directly at for information. 

         -Shawn R. Meloy, President


At SSO we believe that everyone needs to be able to pursue the music they want to play and that music is a vital part of all of our lives. From listening to great music to singing along with friends and family music has a way to bring us together and lift our spirits.

This financial assistance, discount, or scholarship is for families with students 18 and younger who wish to play any of the instruments we teach, or who sing, and who are eligible for the free or reduced lunch program in school. After we receive this information we will reach out to you to discuss options for getting started.


Please let us know below what instrument/voice the student wants to study. Then let us know what you would be able to pay for lessons and how long you want each lesson to be (30, 45, 60 minutes). 

This request for financial assistance will be brought to the board of directors for consideration. Criteria including teacher availability and number of people who already have financial assistance will determine the amount of a discount we are able to offer. Students will not be required to audition for assistance nor be held to any higher standard than students not receiving help. Our goal is to be able to help interested students who would not otherwise be able to afford lessons to be able to keep up and excel in school band, orchestra, and choir as well as at the piano.


Please email first if you have any questions.

Shawn R. Meloy

Thanks for submitting!

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