Music Classes in Olympia

Kids Sing Strong (ages 3-7) | $60/mo.

Taught by Lindsey Rhodes

Lindsey Rhodes uses her unique Songs of the Seasons curriculum teach theory basics and encourage young students toward a life-long love of music! Nature-based seasonal songs, rhythm time, musical instrument introduction, art while listening, stories. 

Weekly hour long classes. 

Sing Strong for Health and Wellness | $100/mo.

Taught by Lindsey Rhodes

Class participants will engage in a variety of healthful practices as a group, utilizing supportive techniques to uplift and encourage
themselves through strengthening their own unique voice.

∙calming breath work

∙classically and also holistically based vocal techniques

∙guided voice and moving meditations

Up to 12 participants. For adults. Two (2) 30-min. sessions weekly.


Every student will need to be registered with Sound Studios Olympia and this will include a $6/mo. registration fee which is in addition to the rates listed. This fee is payable online through an invoice which will be emailed to you, or by cash or check given directly to SSO. *Students who are already registered with a teacher at SSO, and who have already paid the registration fee will not be billed any separate admin/registration fee.* This fee is only for new students. All students must still fill out the registration form below.

Payment for the classes will be billed after students register and a schedule has been created by the teacher. Registration fees will be billed right away. Registration fees are not refundable for any reason

$6/mo. or $15/quarter or $50/yr. 

Musical Theater | $60-$90/mo.

Taught by Lindsey Rhodes

Students will learn, practice, and perform a set of songs including solos, duets, and group numbers chosen specifically for them from different Musical Theater shows. Many valuable musical theory and performance skills will be taught throughout this experience, including-


∙reading music
∙breathing for singing
∙diction, enunciation, and projection
∙expression including understanding written dynamics
∙vocal strength and range development through the application of
classical technique
∙collaboration and working together
∙singing with live instrumental accompaniment

Weekly 60 to 90-min. classes. Ages 6 and up, grouped by age range.

Basic Music Theory | $15 per class

Taught by Shawn Meloy

This class is for those students who are just getting started with music and would like an overview of basic music theory concepts. This class is taught weekly and some of the same topics are covered each week, but it is also driven by questions from the students. This class is also ideal for students who may have some experience with music, in order to fill in any gaps in understanding that may exist. No instrument is necessary, but something to take notes with is encouraged. This is an informational class and does not include any tests or finals. 

Weekly 60-min. classes. For all ages, grouped by age range (into different classes).


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

If you are an adult (18+) please write n/a in the parent fields.

These classes may be divided by age group so birthdays are requested.

Intermediate Music Theory | $15 per class 

Taught by Shawn Meloy

This class is for those students who already have a few years of music education. We will delve further into chords, keys, and cadences. Each class is designed to stand alone, however some of the discussion will be guided by questions so each class will be slightly different. 

Weekly 60-min. classes. For all ages, grouped by age range (into different classes).

Intro to Counterpoint | $300 for 10 Weeks

Taught by Shawn Meloy

Intermediate theory knowledge is required for participation in this class. We will work from the Gradus ad Parnassum approach to counterpoint and create multi-voice exercises to explore the origins of harmony and to gain a closer understanding of music from all eras. Please have a pencil and staff paper. 

This course takes place over 10 weeks and will cover melody writing through writing 2 or 3 part contrapuntal exercises. The goal of the class is to introduce the historical perspective on harmony and the underlying axioms for music theory as it is understood today. 

The start date and days of the week for this class is to be determined. Registration is required, however payment may be reserved until a later date. Please fill out the registration form if you are interested. 

Weekly 60-min. classes. For all ages, grouped by age range (into different classes).

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