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About Us

SSO started as a dream to create a space that would benefit the students and private teachers in Olympia and has grown up to be just that. We want space to work, innovate, collaborate with other teachers, and to be able to put students up on stage as often as possible. Teachers work with each other on projects and recital events. We hold concert events year round as well as one major fundraiser which is a silent auction and dinner in May. Be sure to sign up for updates, or reach out to us soon, so you are first to hear of our upcoming events. 

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Board of Directors

Shawn R. Meloy, President

David Lousteau, Treasurer

Aaron Shively

Please write for information on joining the board if interested.

Sound Studios Olympia is a 501(c)3 nonprofit school of music focused on private lessons, community programs, and especially performance opportunities for students. We are set up in a way to support music teachers who will then be able to give their students the best education.